Jessica studied Printmaking at Gray’s School of Art. During her degree she was awarded the Cross Trust Travel Scholarship to study at the International Ceramics Studio in Kecskemet, Hungary. On graduating she was awarded the Royal Scottish Academy, John Kinross Travel Scholarship in Florence.
On her return she moved to Bournemouth to run the Printmaking Department as Technician Demonstrator at the Arts University at Bournemouth. After three years in Bournemouth she has recently moved back to Scotland and is living in Leith, Edinburgh and working from Edinburgh Printmakers studio.


2003-2007 Grays School of Art, Aberdeen BA (hons) Printmaking (First-Class)


Feb 08- Oct 10 Printmaking Technician Demonstrator, Arts University College at Bournemouth


For the past three years I have worked as Printmaking technician at Bournemouth University. The teaching of printmaking processes has absorbed and overwhelmed me, and my work has echoed this daily preoccupation with making complex ideas and processes clear, with clarity and conviction. I have been thinking about how to explain ideas with simplicity from different angles: composition, pattern, colour, tone and surface. Considering how the sequential rhythm of the way we look at things allows the viewer to focus on and absorb the content, and lends emphasis to the ideas expressed.

Since leaving my job to move back to Scotland my days and preoccupations have shifted. I no longer have such a structured routine and can spend more days working and thinking alone. My prints are of those familiar corners, shadows and shapes looked at again and again as I think of something else. As my mind drifts on and an idea once clear and complete loses its form, the image of a lamp and its overlapping shadows remains, recomposed a little in an ideal frame to recall that shimmering moment of lucid thought.